10 Diabetes Symptoms People Ignore

Many people are surprised when a doctor gives them a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes. They go to the doctor for a routine check-up or for a specific complaint, such as back pain or fatigue, and lab work comes back with the bad news that their blood sugar is too high.
If they really paid attention to their bodies, they wouldn’t be surprised. As diabetes develops, it announces itself in a variety of ways, some subtle and some really in-your-face.
Even if your mouth is dry and there’s a line of people behind you, you want to peck your lips at the fountain.

Dehydration is actually a dry mouth, but it has to do with your brain, not your mouth. Don’t believe me? Your brain cells need a steady supply of glucose. When your brain is bathed in too much concentrated sugar, it will call on fluid from any source to dilute the uncomfortable fluid that surrounds each cell. Your brain takes this fluid from other cells, which can lead to dehydration. As your body tries to cope with dehydration, you may feel the urge to drink lots of fluids.

Soda lovers, you’re kidding yourself if you think soda is hydrating. Never will. For now, drink more pure, filtered water. You can!
If you drink more water because you are constantly thirsty, you will urinate a lot. You’re staring at (or sitting on) the pot more than usual because your blood sugar is too high and your kidneys are getting too much sugar.

If your kidneys could talk, they’d say, “Hey, what’s the point? I’m overloaded, so I’m going to extract extra water from your blood to dilute all this sugar!” Basically, the floodgates open when the kidneys remove extra water from the blood to dilute the sugar in the blood. All that water fills your bladder, and that feeling makes you want to pee. Then you’ll feel thirsty again and need to drink more water to rehydrate. And the cycle continues. Your kidneys do their best to get rid of excess glucose. The amount of protein shed in the urine increases over time, which interferes with normal kidney filtration. If your kidneys can’t filter waste properly, toxins build up in your blood. The most mysterious thing is that kidney damage occurs even when blood sugar is controlled with medication.

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