5 Foods That Can Cleanse Your Colon Naturally

Too full and insecure to wear your favorite wardrobe today? This could be because your colon is full of mucus, sediment, and intestinal parasites.

Can you imagine how much food the stomach processes over the years? So it is normal to have some problems. Foods that are now toxic waste, without any quality ingredients, are deposited directly in the stomach, etc.

Later, this can lead to inflammation, which can lead to major health problems. Why? Because if you “rot inside” instead of excreting toxic waste properly, your blood can become infected.

And blood goes everywhere in the body. You couldn’t imagine the damage it would cause. But here’s a quick look:

Kidney and liver disease
High cholesterol
Weight problems – uncontrolled weight gain or loss
Hair and nail problems
Broken metabolism
Constant constipation
As you remove toxins from your home, you must also remove toxins from your body. Going to the hospital may not be the answer, because pulping only goes 50cm deep, and our guts are up to 7 meters long!

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