7 Body Parts You’ve Been Cleaning Wrong All Your Life

If you ask me, nothing beats a nice hot shower after a long day at work. I’m sure everyone loves a good wash every day, but have you ever thought you might be doing it wrong? Sure, it sounds funny, but what if you’re really doing it wrong? While your current methods may not fail, there are parts of your body that are improperly cleansed, and learning how to do it properly will help you in the long run.

Although I was a little hesitant to give such unusual tips to my usual self-cleaning routine, after incorporating some of these tips into my routine for a week, I noticed the mentioned changes. Some habits are more difficult to adjust than others. But with a little effort there will be no problem. Sure, it will take a while to remember that there are time limits for hand washing, but once you do, you’ll know the risks of a lot of germs have been reduced.

Need a little guidance on which body parts can be upgraded for cleaning? These seven will help you in the right direction.

your vagina
Noisy activity indicates that one part of the body you are cleaning incorrectly is the vagina. From using scented soap to not cleaning your labia, there are a few things to keep in mind.

your ears
Do you like the feeling a drop gives you after a nice hot shower? According to Men’s Journal, you don’t need to wipe your ears with a cotton swab. All you need is a soft washcloth, warm water, eye drops and baby cream.

your teeth
WebMD notes that you should spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. In addition, brushing more than three times a day can damage the gums and enamel.

your hands and feet
According to The Huffington Post, washing your hands and feet with soap every day is not a good idea. Your hands and feet don’t produce the same amount of oil, so washing them with soap can dry out your skin.

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