7 Signs Your Body Needs Help

The body is like a mechanism that performs many functions at the same time. But sometimes the body tells us that something is wrong. Ignore these symptoms and seek professional help.

Here are 7 signs that you have a health problem and that your body needs help.
Sensitive nails and hair
If your nails and hair are brittle, this could be a sign of vitamin B deficiency. Just drink more milk and eat nori seaweed and mushrooms to make your hair and nails strong again.

The rings that appear around the iris
If you are over 50 years old, don’t worry because the appearance of these rings is normal. But if you’re young, rings around your irises may indicate high cholesterol levels. If this happens, you should see a doctor.

Bleeding gums
If your gums start bleeding every time you brush your teeth, it means you’re lacking vitamin C. Just try to eat more citrus fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. All of these foods are great sources of vitamin C.

Dry skin
If you have dry skin, it may be a sign of vitamin E deficiency. It is important to eat more oil, vegetables, nuts and fish to restore moisture to the skin.

A sudden craving for sweets
If you suddenly crave sweets, it means that you are stressed, tired or depressed. Therefore, the body requires glucose. If you want not to gain weight, you should eat dark chocolate or honey instead of cakes and sweets.

Desire to eat ice cream
If you feel like eating ice, it means that you have anemia or iron deficiency. Instead of eating ice cream, try to eat more beef, eggs, and shellfish. However, if you feel like eating ice and lack energy, it’s best to see a doctor.

If you often experience insomnia, it means that your body needs magnesium and potassium. Eat more tomatoes, oranges, bananas and spinach

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