HOW TO: 10 Ways to Apply Eyeshadow for Everyday Looks

How many eyeliners do people usually use? one? two? Maybe I’m the odd one out, I wear a lot more than that. Most of the looks I’m sharing this time are looks that I personally wear, and what I can say is that I rocked these looks. I’m not in the mood to show you more gorgeous but unused eyeshadow just yet (I’ll save that for Halloween), so here are 10 alternatives you can actually try.

As always, don’t forget to adjust the look to suit your eye shape! I don’t think all looks work for me, I think invisible eyeliners look really bad on me because my double lids are too thick, but they look great on people with narrower lids. k-pop eyeliner will also suit someone with long eyes.
from left to right:

  1. maybelline eye studio gel liner (black)
  2. maybelline eyeliner brush
  3. smooth liquid liner (black) for making heroin
    on my eyes: daiso ellefar nose highlighter powder

I used this as an eyeshadow. To brighten up the eyes and bring out the contrast of the dark lids, a reflective pearlescent powder was applied.



The main thing is to fill the waterline (also called tight liner) and the empty spaces between the lashes. great for those with limited lid space (slim double lid or single lid). It creates the illusion of fuller lashes and defines and magnifies the eyes.

  1. NATURAL NATURAL eyeshadow

This is probably my most worn eyeliner. It outlines the eye but makes it look natural. It also lengthens the eyes proportionally so you still maintain your natural eye shape. It’s great for people with thin lids, so you’ll like to keep the liner very thin and only thicken it up on the widest part of your lid (usually towards the outer corner of the eye).

Interestingly, even if we draw a horizontal line (with the eyes half open), if we open the eyes fully, it will look slightly downward. It’s just the natural shape of your eyes (that’s why this eyeliner is able to hold your eye shape) and it’s easiest to draw a horizontal line rather than giving fancy angles like 093 degrees (bearings).


I wonder what her namesake eyeliner is like.. I called it park sora eyeliner because it’s her amazing eyeliner, I’ve done a tutorial on it before if you’re interested.

This look is designed to elongate the eyes by extending the tail of the eyeliner diagonally downwards. Park sora has very close eyes, so you need to pay attention to the inner corners as well, so if you want to look like her, you need to define the inner corners (if you don’t have such eyes).

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