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Red Rocks Sustainable Development Initiatives is a non-profit organization working around the Virunga Volcano in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The vision is to strengthen tourism, conservation and community capacity to ensure sustainable development in the region. In order to achieve this, local communities are encouraged to participate in environmental protection activities, which ultimately have a positive effect on them, especially the improvement of their living standards, which motivates them to help protect the environment. The initiative offers volunteer programs for travelers who want to make a positive impact on local communities in a variety of areas, including foreign language and new skills acquisition, women and youth empowerment programs, conservation and community development activities. The initiative promotes social and economic programs such as health, sanitation, hygiene, conservation sports, conservation arts and modern farming techniques, as well as cultural activities such as dance, music and handicrafts that lead to tourism development. promotion, conservation, and thereby improving the livelihoods of local communities. When you visit the area, especially around Musanze, you are invited to spend a day checking out the initiative’s programs, finding ways/solutions that work for you, and even your group volunteering, donating, and helping to support these important programs. As a result of the development programs of the Red Rock Initiative, the goal is to protect the environment and thereby have an impact on social life
Curso a distancia en Turismo Sostenible y Desarrollo Local en Áreas Rurales
Do not consider the OIT order as an important guide in determining socio-economic generality and data recovery paragraphs. Agricultural sector, manufacturing sector, construction, transportation, can contribute to various local economies. The forecast period is for both international travel. Por ello, la reactivación delturismo en las areasurales es especially strategica: it generates profits for this type of communities in the short term while recovering the effects of the COVID-19, y permite a largo plazo, la conclune, la conclune. Agenda 2030 los ODS. El curso está dirección a Responsables politicos, técnicos Superiores y actores socialeconómicos claves del desarrollo del turismo que desarrollen sus actividades en Instituciones public y Privadas, en Organizaciones Cooperative de lacia international organizations. Los contacts a tratar serán, en líneas generales: -El turismo como motor de desarrollo local sostenible -La construcción de la oferta turística del territorio -El marketing y la gestion de los destinos turísticos en áreasurales el cade de cadeor in the cadeor all sectors, local applicability in local and Turkish regions, end use of calculations, end production of participants. For information see:

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