Click on this point and you will poop instantly

Nothing makes a day (I’m done, I swear) more than a full stomach. But thanks to acupressure and a fellow blogger, we’ve discovered something that will get things moving when you sit down at your desk, and we don’t mean pop a few sedatives or start drinking iced lattes.

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to a new friend: the poop button that sits three fingers’ width below your navel on your stomach, etc. According to century massage experts, this magical place, also known as the “Energy Ocean”, is the mother board of many parts of your body, including the digestive system, genitals, and even the colon. As funny as it sounds, the poo button is a real cure in the acupressure world, used to treat all kinds of issues like menstrual cramps, stomach aches, constipation, and more.

So how do we activate the so-called magical “poo button”? It’s easy

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