Drink baking soda like this and get rid of fat on thighs, stomach, arms and back

Losing weight quickly and staying in shape is the most popular topic among women around the world.

There are literally thousands of diets and weight loss methods online that will only give results in a week, but in reality, they will regain the weight they lost in a matter of days.

We use many ingredients in our kitchen every day, but no one knows about their versatility. One such ingredient is baking soda – we use it to make cookies and dough, as well as to clean it, but not everyone knows that it improves our health.
Everyone would love to have a flat, flattering stomach, but it’s a difficult task that can’t be achieved without a healthy diet and regular exercise, and let’s face it, hardly anyone has time for it. Fortunately, baking soda can effectively reduce your excess belly fat.

But how can we use it to reduce belly fat? There are 3 ways baking soda can help you lose weight, and we’ll introduce them below.

Ingredients of baking soda, lemon juice and grapefruit


Half a glass of water
a piece of lemon or grapefruit
teaspoon baking soda

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