Here are 10 signs that your liver is unhealthy

Liver damage is a disease that almost all adults over the age of 40 go with, and it is a sign that you are not paying attention to your body. But do we still understand the signs? No. Sometimes we think that what we eat is the cause, but it goes much deeper than that. Liver damage can be fatal depending on its severity. Interestingly, your body is constantly telling you about it. So why don’t you listen?

Here are some warning signs of liver damage.

abdominal swelling

Symptoms of liver damage. However, you need to understand the swelling. What you are looking for is the upper left corner behind the rib cage. When this area swells, you can be sure that the liver is damaged.

abdominal pain
Swelling is accompanied by abdominal pain. It occurs below the tumor and is frequent. If it exceeds your pain threshold and your stomach is about to burst, see a specialist as soon as possible.

An obvious indicator of liver damage. This prevents the liver from processing any toxins that require your body to work harder. That leads to fatigue.

Protein levels in the body decrease and the liver begins to fail. As a result, blood does not clot and heal, and ulcers form. Additionally, people with liver disease and blood disorders overlap with each other. People with liver disease have low platelet counts, which prevents blood clots from forming.
This is another clue. When the liver refuses to work and the disease prolongs, people get angry. Sometimes we can endure too much, and it can be fatal. What you need at this point is to seek immediate medical attention to deal with this problem.

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