Here are 7 warning signs you’ve blocked arteries

A bad turn is never good, but you can never be deterred. A blocked artery can kill you. It is important to know the sign so you can catch it in time.

In almost all cases, a poor case means that you are in poor health and you need to see your doctor. This means low blood pressure and diabetes.

What are the other things that can lead to bad rotation?

Too Much Sitting (See Video Below for Exercise)
Eat fast food, a lot
Obesity (imagined)
Why is good turnover important?

Every organ in your body depends on the vital nutrients it needs to evolve due to your free flow. Even if we slow down this process, it can damage vital organs like the brain and heart.

Consider, for example, traffic jams on the 405 in Los Angeles.

When this happens, there is zero productivity; No one can do (without iPhones for a minute) In order for the city and environment to “survive”, we need to let the flow flow.

Chronic fatigue? Steal? Do your feet hurt?

It gives you peripheral artery disease.

That’s the scary part, and doctors say that coronary artery disease (PAD) is a common cause of many other problems, according to the American Heart Association. Make no mistake, the mat can be very serious, so it is important to see a doctor to help solve the problem.

Make no mistake, the mat can be very serious, so it is important to see a doctor to help solve the problem.

So, what exactly is a pad?

It builds up in the arteries and causes a condition called atherosclerosis. This plaque, this plaque hardens, dries up the arteries, narrows the arteries, and gradually tightens the body. Pad usually affects the arteries of the legs.


Leg pain and swelling
Dizziness with legs
Slower than normal healing
Loss of hair on the legs
Glowing skin
Remember that none of the above symptoms may occur.

Prevention and treatment

Here are our top 3 suggestions:

Increase physical activity
Eating a plant-based diet
Smoking and drinking alcohol

Be smart about your diet, eat more ginger and keep your skin smooth. Nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds are especially good for circulation because vitamin E is especially good for circulation.

And you ichioxidants vitamins c, d, e, e, e, e, selenium. That means hitting the local farmer’s market and stocking up on organic fruits and herbs.

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