How to get rid of uric acid crystals in joints for gout and joint pain

Gout is an inflammation of the joints caused by excess uric acid in the blood. Its symptoms are caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints and the body’s reaction to them.

Cucumber juice is an alkaline drink that naturally treats uric acid crystallization in joints. Alkalizing action helps flush out and prevent uric acid build-up and crystallization in the joints and joint sacs.

Especially when used in combination with anti-inflammatory celery and ginger, it cleanses the body and removes toxins. How to prepare this powerful juice and ways to relieve joint and gout pain:

Cucumber, celery and ginger juice


1 medium cucumber
1 inch young ginger root
2 ribs celery
A slice of lemon

Rinse the vegetables thoroughly, cut the cucumber into small pieces, and clean the celery ribs completely from dirt.

Then juice all the ingredients and take this natural remedy every day and you will soon experience amazing improvements!

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