Men have morning “secrets” every woman should know

Men always want to have sex! Or at least that is the consensus among the general public. This argument is further proven when men get up in the morning or get up to eat firewood in the morning.

This is something that is difficult for a woman to understand. Getting up in the morning and starting the day is hard enough, so the last thing on a woman’s mind or body is sex in the sack. But doctors have studied why men get morning sickness. Yes, it’s hard to believe that science has spent some time on this topic.

What they discover is that when he wakes up, it’s not about you, it’s about him. The next time your partner wakes up with an erection, don’t feel the need to be intimate too soon. It will be fine, it will pass.

It’s part of life and men of all ages wake up with erections.

The medical name for morning glory is nocturnal genital warts (NPT). There are some theories as to why this happens when men wake up in the morning.

Some believe that arousal is the result of a dream filled with sexual fantasies.

This may be due to the fact that young people do not or do not pay attention to their bodies.

Morning wood is less common among men in their 60s and 70s.

One theory for a morning erection is that the penis is getting a workout. During training, the penis is filled with blood, which must be stored for a long time.

A good night’s sleep is essential for men to be productive throughout the day.

The better a man sleeps, the higher his testosterone levels will be in the morning. According to one study, Q increases testosterone levels by 15 percent if you get more than five hours of sleep per night.

Men are more erotic and ready to work during the day, while women’s libido is ready at night.

Doctors estimate that men get 4-5 erections at night, and they last about 25 minutes. If you’re wondering, it’s normal.

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