We’ve found a simple test that will reveal who you really are. It’s really straight forward. Check out the picture below and choose the position you think you sleep in most of the time.
If you can’t sleep on your side without touching your knees, you are a calm and reliable person. It’s not easy to hurt you, and you’re not afraid of the future. You smile even on the dreariest winter mornings and adapt to almost any change in your life without any problems.
If you usually sleep in the fetal position, you need to be protective, understanding, and sympathetic. By curling up like this, you try to cut yourself off from the problems in the world around you. Drawing, learning to dance, or writing a blog is a perfect outlet to hone your talents and abilities.
If you sleep on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, you are a leader. Make sure you are motivated, proactive and organized in your personal and professional life. You prefer to plan everything in advance and do not like surprises. Patience and a sense of responsibility will help you achieve great success.
If you sleep on your back, you are likely a positive person who loves life, is used to being the center of attention, and enjoys good company. You are stubborn, persistent, but rational and always prefer to tell the truth. People who sleep in this position usually have a very strong personality.
If you take care of yourself like a soldier and sleep with your hands on your back, you are probably a well-adjusted person who knows what your goals are in life and strives to achieve them. You may be tough, intelligent, and demanding, but you demand the most from yourself.
If you sleep like a duck with one leg up, your mood swings quickly and can confuse those around you, but you probably have an unpredictable personality that attracts you to many different adventures. It is often difficult to be decisive and make a choice. You prefer stability, peace, quiet and thoroughness in your work and life.
If you sleep in different positions instead of just one, this indicates that you have a multifaceted personality that you don’t even fully understand.

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