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Eucharist in the church.
All is well
The service may start.

It’s a face that opens like a saint
Eyes and mouth speak slowly
Bring out the rotating chemistry behind the forehead
Line brothers, on this face
Beautifully painted with calm wisdom and motifs
It also has amazing colors granted by God
Whose word could it be?
Actions are really good words
Actions and vice versa! “

“Words are the belly of action.”
Work is the grave of words.”

words really. all the words,
Everything is written and be.

Flick precious marble,
Open the weak papyrus and read it.

We know what the Greeks were
The Alchemy of Brilliant Words did it.
Words, accents, breath signs, atoms
subtexts. How to change the meaning easily
With subtle twists and turns
Accents or signs of breathing. And we learned
Why war?
Honesty wins and loses
These are the finer grammatical details!

By training the blurry outlines of the coast,
Marble lining formed for us
And the,
My friends! Pick up trash and sharpen your elbows
paddle! I know this beach well, and I know it too
Only a mile deep in the mist
There is a table!

Ah, the pole!
This cool pole inspired us all to spend
In a high-class company, slowly, socially, takes
All questions I sip the wine of the Eucharist!
This high peak inspired us all!

What can students ask themselves?

Weighs the anchor mate! Take your worries to the paddle!

Will they keep coming?

Will the marble coast keep coming
and then
It will be with men and women
Do elegant minds still come to offer Holy Communion wine?
poet’s work

Then your friend, the poet, came along.
And before he leaves
Reveals his yellow silence
Above the burning logs

Like pus in his heart
Like a snail crawling on a piece of art.

who – which
Isn’t this friend of yours a poet?
phlegm in his eyes
Eyes that die from malnutrition.
Check out our fireplace now!
See how this flame burns
The red flame that once warmed us
and clean
A wise voice filled the whole house
and save it
And our eyes are alive

See what a red heart looks like once now
See how yellow fades when you die?

he is
No poet, that friend of yours!
The poet’s job is to make ashes
Heal and allow burning and yellow eyes
blossom in new places,
To show how much I like snails
Light work.

He is not a poet,
He is your friend.
Where did he get his certificate?

I will remove the soft band of sleep
Tonight you.

Come early.

You will find that jasmine is still there
White and did not die of neglect.
exactly the contrary
It occupies the entire pergola.

Although there is a salome dance
My head is still there.
Besides, I am not a Baptist.

I will untie the soft sleeping bands for you
Request a photo

Paper, pen and candle in one hand
donkey with flame
at the end
I came to praise him again.

The drowning part! like water
jewish legend

Let this water stop its rapid flow, but
You, muse of the stars, keep going
your inspiring song; Come back now and say it
About the summer moon hovering over our bodies
And about the ace legends that we collected
I sighed.

Help me write a picture of this dead girl!

Her mother runs every day
The fate of people is in his mouth,
was a painter
I whispered a slut in the summer air, and I did
The villagers look sideways at my steps.
Some frowned
Others tend to emphasize me
I read books, my short pen voyage though
The general agreement was balanced
Summer lights it up
He and I should mix as a couple
We were both
Mature and ready to pick out the vital elements exposed for life.

And so the summer months, hence the fragrant bush
Myrtle on the hill where we tore our petals
All other flowers.

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